The Children's Miracle Network.
Miracle Ride April 28, 2002
Montgomery AL.
Special thanks to the Predators Ride Group for doing a great job with the registration table and line up at the start of the ride.
The end of the ride was Lake Martin Amphitheater owned and donated by Russell Lands Corp.
This strange event is called "Pantyhose Pool." This is one game that is worth sticking around to see. The object is to be the first to knock the softball across the line. This must be done by using the softball inside the pantyhose tied to the front of your pants. 
The water ballon toss.
How well do you trust your co-rider?
The Southern Comfort Blues Band
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Bike show winner
Peoples choice...penny a vote
AL Chapter 1 members hanging out
Slow Race
In Country Vets M/C

Animal has taken the led in heading up the