Red Knights MC AL Chapter 1
Santa Run 2005

Who said the Grinch stole Christmas????

Our chapter adopted a family here in Prattville that had no Christmas.
When you look at these faces, it makes it all worth while!
Prattville's Heavy Rescue Truck with
Lt. Ted Hughs fills in for Rudolph, Donner and Blitzen...

Santa pulled up to make his deliveries in first class Red Knight style
It was so much fun, the local PD got in on the action.
Now these are happy faces! In addition to the bicycles, we had 3 large bags wrapped for Christmas morning
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Who would have thought Santa was a biker?...In fact he is, and he's a patchholder. "Animal" of the In Country Vets MC is also known as Santa on a Bike.
Thanks helped to make a special Christmas for
a couple kids that really needed it.