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The Red Knights MC
First Annual Alabama State Rally
16-18 May 2003

29 Dreams in Vandiver Alabama
Dispite the fact that the weather kept lots of folks from making the event, we all had plenty of fun and food. Over $400 was raised for charity. We were honored to have Michael LaBlanc, R.I. 1 (International Sec.) and Spike of Mass. 1, weather the 2300+ mile trip on their bikes just to join the Good 'ol Boys of Bama.
Michael LaBlanc R.I. 1 repairing his"Finnda" so the "Watta" won't soak him on the way home.
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One of the goals this year was to establish a charity for us to donate the money raised by the poker run and registration. This year, we agreed to split the money between Kid One Transport and the Children's Burn Camp.