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The Red Knights Second Annual
Alabama Spring Rally

Gulf Shores Resort State Park
7-9 May 2004

Special guest included the International VP Jack Downs,
International Sec Michael LaBlanc and visiting chapters from
LA 1, FL 1 & 2, AK 2, Mass 4, RI 1 and Fire Riders NYC, NY 8
The tailgate party turned in a beach hang out
Those that were able to get out of bed on Saturday morning rode to Pensacola the Air Museum or went for a long ride along the coast. This included a ferry boat ride from Ft. Morgan to Dalphin Island.
No, their not taking a leak!
The patch line up is of AL 1, 2, &3
NY 8, Mass 4 & Riders of Fire NYC
Waiting our turn to load the boat
Fairhope Alabama
FL 2 gets there charter issued at the Alabama Rally 2004
Walt McNeely of the Prattville CMA Chapter opens the Blessing of the Bikes as we conclude the rally.
Thanks to CMA of Pensacola, Prattville and Mobile
With about 80+ participating, and from so many states, we agreed to make next years rally a Southern Rally.
LA 1 from New Orleans volunteered to host next years rally.
Yes, our northern friends are welcome to attend...maybe next year, they will stay out of trouble with the local police
I told you's guys da' cops down south don't like Yankee's...
A special thanks goes to Jack Downs, International VP and Michael LaBlanc, Internationanl Secretary, for visiting our State Rally.
We look forward to expanding this event to the other 'Southern States' to help increase our chapters in the deep south.
Ya'll save your Confederate money, boys...the south is gonna ride again!
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Just before leaving, AL 1 has a Kodak moment
with our visitors from the North.